Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 1/2/3 I'm not really sure what day it is...

Tuesday was probably the shortest/longest days of my life. It was short according to the clock but long according to my body. When we arrived in Melbourne we had the opportunity to visit the Healesville Nature Sanctuary. This was a lovely experience because it gave us the chance to see native wildlife up close! I really wanted to try and sneak a kangaroo home with me. (a koala wouldn't work since we don't have eucalyptus trees...) but since I don't want to be forced to stay in Australia I decided against the plan. While we were at the nature sanctuary a parrot came flying at me and tried to bite my face. Apparently he was flying slowly at me but I was looking at other birds around the sanctuary. He looked a bit like this:

To organize my first impressions about Australia I've organized a top 5 list, so here we go!

5. Australia's very similar to the U.S.A. It would be easy to forget you weren't in the US except when you listen to people talk or see a fish and chips sign.

4. Melbourne is absolutely gorgeous.

3. McDonald's has leaner sausage here and more variety.

2. WiFi is not automatically included with hotels, etc.

I am very glad I'm not driving. You wouldn't think driving on the opposite side of the road would be too different but it gives me a headache thinking about it!

That's all for today, time for bed!

'Til tomorrow!

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