Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Exploring a bit of Sydney

Last night some of us convinced Graham we needed to have candy. We ended up stopping at the gas station and I found a new candy I really liked, FanTales. Today we had to leave the land of many crows (Wagga Wagga). But before we got on the road for Sydney we stopped at Charles Sturt University to visit with Dr. Chenoweth. He was at K-State previously so it was nice to meet with a fellow K-Stater for the morning. He helped start the veteranarian program at the university and truly had a passion for the welfare of the animals. We were able to see the sheep, equine, and cattle facilities. While we were there we also had the opportunity to see a Kelpy work sheep. She was very good at rounding up the sheep and getting them into the pen. She was amazing to watch but I'm still partial to the border collies(Especially our pup, Dot), but they said that due to their environment the Kelpy was probably better suited.

After the tour we loaded up on our big rig bus and headed toward Sydney. It was a good five hour bus ride and I've figured out our bus doesn't go up hills very fast. We stopped for lunch at Mickey D's and after lunch Ritchie decided our bus smelled like "an old cattle truck" and he got a little spray happy with air freshener. It's not really a surprise our bus smelled considering its been through the feedlots and farms, etc. the whole trip. This was probably the highlight on the trek to Sydney.

ACTUALLY, that was great but the true highlight was we did finally see a few 'Roos hopping on a hillside! But, you almost needed binoculars to see them but at this point I'm desperate to see one!

We had to say goodbye to our bus and Ritchie once we arrived to Sydney. We had the opportunity once we were in Sydney to shop a bit for souvenirs. Then we boarded a boat and took a dinner cruise to Sydney Harbor. It was amazing to see the Opera House and the bridge. After we unloaded the boat some of us walked around to the opera house and tried to get in but couldn't. I wish we had more time in Sydney to see some of the sights but now I know that Sydney is somewhere I would love to visit again.

Off to Canberra we go!

The first picture is the Opera House (it may be a bit blurry)

Second picture is of some of us with our junk food

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