Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sheep, shorthorns, and emus, oh my!

The first stop on our adventure was Trigger Vale farm. Here we learned about how they were trying to advance the Merino breed. They also breed white Suffolk studs. This was very interesting to hear about how him and his wife were trying to advance the breed and focus on mothering ability along with maintaining wool quality. They had the cutest lamb, named Tom, they were bottle feeding! The really neat thing about this stop was to see the passion they had for advancing the Merino breed.

The next stop for the day was a, wait for it, wait for it...EMU FARM! Its amazing how much the emus fight with each other. We learned that the emu would produce 10kgs of oil per bird and you would get $50 for one kg. That averages $500 per bird! The males are the ones that sit on the nest instead of the females.After trying to unsuccessfully feed the emus we were treated to lunch at the emu farm. We had a traditional Australian Barbi with steak, sausage, and grilled onions. For dessert we had pavlova (cherry berries on a cloud), both the times I've had this dessert have been super yummy!

Right after we finished lunch we headed on down the road to Spry's Shorthorns. This was great to learn about a breed that I, personally, have had no prior experience with. They were gorgeous animals and Mr. Spry talked about his operation and philosophy for satisfying their clients. We were able to see one of their top bulls which recently sold for $46,000.I feel privileged to see it!
After the presentation we were treated to an Australian barbecue with the Spry family. This was very yummy steak from either their genetics or one of their clients. It was a good steak! While we are on the road I've tried to spot kangaroos. So far I haven't seen the ones anyone else has seen. But I'm still hopeful I'll see a mob of them soon! On another note, did you know that instead of kangaroo whistles they have deer whistles? Who knew!
That's all for now! MaryAnn

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